4 Tips For Designing A Fire Protection Strategy In Multilevel Apartment Buildings

When you are in the process of building or renovating an apartment building, part of your construction should consist of an effective fire protection strategy. Large, multilevel apartment buildings can pose unique challenges that require thorough planning. Consider the following factors as you make your plan.  Use Fire-Resistant Materials Although the installation costs will be higher, each unit should be separated by fire-resistant walls, ceilings, and floors. The use of fire-resistant materials will essentially create a barrier between each unit. Read More 

Protect Your Property Rights With A Land Survey

That old adage, "Good fences make good neighbors" isn't always true. In fact, there are times when a fence could make enemies out of neighbors who were once on good or on fair terms. And not surprisingly, a poorly placed fence could ratchet up ill will between neighbors who were already feuding and on bad terms. The problem is often with the placement of the fence -- a few inches or a foot or two in the wrong direction, and one neighbor could end up encroaching on the other's property. Read More 

Tips on Creating an Ultimate Stress-Free Evening Getaway

If you're like most people, you have a lot on your plate to worry about throughout the day which can lead to the buildup of stress that's essential to get rid of. Relaxing on the couch in front of the television is one option, but why not get away from all that stimulation and spend a relaxing evening in your outdoor spa? Here are a few things you can do to create the ultimate stress-free spa getaway: Read More 

Remodeling Your Kitchen With Your Dog In Mind

If you're a dog person and have decided its time for kitchen remodel, there are a few custom kitchen designs that can make your pet lifestyle cleaner and easier that ever. Talk to your remodeling contractor about implementing some of these designs into your new cabinets and other kitchen features.  1. The cabinet bed. Instead of having a dog bed take up floor space in the kitchen, make an indoor haven for your dog by replacing the space that would have been used for a base cabinet and installing the dog bed there under the counter instead. Read More 

How Vinyl Windows Can Improve Your Home

If your windows are getting old and your energy bills are rising, it may be time to consider switching to vinyl windows. Not only can they improve the look of your home, but they can actually help lower your monthly energy costs. Check out these three ways vinyl windows improve your home, so you can determine if they are the right option for you. They Improve Your Home's Energy Efficiency Read More