Shared Bathrooms: 4 Accessories Ideal for Germaphobes

One of the more common areas to find harmful germs in the home is the bathroom. If you share a bathroom with other people, then you may worry about the spreading of germs and ensuring that communal items are kept clean. As a germaphobe, you can stay proactive with the bathroom in your home. By implementing a variety of upgrades, you can eliminate your contact with germs and encourage a cleaner environment for anyone that uses the bathroom on a daily basis. Read More 

Four Things You Never Want To Use On Your Cultured Marble

Marble has been around for hundreds of years; because of its versatility and beauty, it has been used in everything from buildings such as the Taj Mahal, the Washington Monument, and the Lincoln Memorial, to sculptures and tombstones. Because it is durable, easy to care for, and comes in a wide variety of colors and patterns, it has also become a popular addition for many home owners. But if you have made an investment to include cultured marble in your home, there are certain things that you will want to make sure that you never use on these surfaces. Read More 

How To Protect Yourself From Danger When Preparing To Cut Up A Downed Tree

Once a tree is felled and is ready to be cut into more manageable pieces, it is easy to think the dangerous part of the job has passed. However, cutting up a downed tree can be a deadly experience if a do-it-yourselfer fails to take safety into full consideration. In fact, before you even begin cutting up the tree, you need to be prepared physically and mentally from a safety standpoint: Read More 

Considering A Generator? 3 Tips To Help You Make The Right Decision

When you are in the market for a generator, the choices are often overwhelming. You want to make sure you are choosing a generator that fits your budget, but will also fit the needs of your household and integrate easily with your other energy sources. Choose The Right Type Making the choice between a portable and standby generator can be difficult and will primarily depend on your needs and budget. If you live in areas that are susceptible to hurricanes or blizzards, a portable generator may not be enough for your needs. Read More 

What Are Cover Boards And Why Are They Essential For Protecting Commercial Roof Insulation?

Commercial flat roofs are complex designs featuring up to a dozen layers of different materials, usually beginning with a layer of insulation that is either rigid or spray foam. While these foam insulation layers work wonders for managing heat loss or gain through the roof to control heating and cooling costs, they're also at risk for being damaged either during roof membrane insulation or during later maintenance. Find out how cover boards have been protecting commercial roof insulation layers since the 1970s. Read More