5 Reasons To Consider Solar Panel Pavement For Bike Lanes

Turning roadways into a giant solar panel has been a dream in several countries for the past few years. The U.S., France, and the Netherlands have been testing viable products to create solar roads and in the Netherlands, a successful bike path has been implemented. While each of the available products is far from wide-scale application, there is still the possibility of testing small-scale applications within cities. Some of the best projects to further expand solar roadway testing are bike lanes and bike paths. Read More 

Automotive Dent Repair - Two Types Of Drawn Arc Stud Welding Guns To Consider

Stud welding guns are tools that a confident homeowner can use for construction purposes, and the devices can be used as well to remove both small and large dents from the body of a vehicle. If you want to try your hand at dent removal, then you may need to decide between the use an arc and CD stud welding gun. Drawn arc welding guns are often chosen. However, there are actually a few different kinds of drawn arc welding guns that can be purchased and used. Read More 

What Tools Will Your Plumber Use During A Sewer Cleaning?

If your home plumbing system is attached to a residential sewer line, then the wastes from your home will flow through this line. This pipe is typically a three inch wide one that is made out of PVC. The sewer line is angled down away from your home and it meets up with a much larger main sewer pipe at the street. The width and the angle of the sewer pipe helps to move wastes away from your home. Read More 

Productivity Down At The Office? Mold Might Be To Blame

Do you run an office? Have you just run your quarterly reports and found that the productivity of your business has taken a dive? Before you go laying off help and slashing spending, try having a mold inspection done. While this may sound silly, mold can play a big role in how well your employees are able to do their job. Read on to learn more. A Bit About Sick Building Syndrome Read More 

Sump Pump Installation Mistakes To Avoid

If your basement does not have a sump pump for some reason, then it is in your best interest to install one. A sump pump can reduce flood damage concerns and mold and mildew formation. If the electricity goes out often in your home due to adverse weather conditions, then make sure to choose a combination sump pump that uses electricity as well as a battery back up. You can install the sump pump yourself if you like to take on DIY projects yourself. Read More