Necessary Supplies For Putting In A Border Bed

Putting in a flower bed border around your home is a great way to instantly boost your home's curb appeal, but it does require a bit more effort than simply putting some plants in the ground. Using the right tools, materials, and plants is the key to creating a long-lasting and low-maintenance border garden. The following guide can help. Clear it out Weeds and their seeds can survive in the soil for years. Read More 

Multiple Burglaries In Your Neighborhood? Protect Your Garage Now

If you live in a neighborhood that recently experienced a rash of burglaries involving garage doors, you may wonder if your garage is next. Even if your garage door opener, side door and windows seem secure, they may actually not be as safe as you think. Thieves can target your home by physically and remotely stealing your garage door opener and its codes. The side door might not be secure if it lacks a good locking system or stability. Read More 

Hardscape Will Make Your Xeriscape Garden ‘Xcel

If you live in a region of the country that experiences frequent droughts, it may be time to convert your yard into a xeriscape garden. This type of landscaping replaces thirsty lawns with drought-tolerant and eco-friendly plants, especially native ones. If done correctly, a xeriscape garden can even eliminate the need for supplemental watering beyond what Mother Nature chooses to provide. Unfortunately, some people cringe at the idea of converting their yards to xeriscape gardens, assuming that they will be dull and filled with unattractive cacti. Read More 

New Shower Upgrades: 4 Ways To Prevent Excess Water From Escaping The Shower Area

Excess water in any home can create all types of problems. It can cause mold growth, floor damage, and safety issues when slippery conditions are formed. If you're planning a new shower upgrade, it's important to consider how to best contain the water within a shower area. By choosing a custom shower enclosure, you can create a shower that keeps the moisture inside and prevents water from getting into other areas of the bathroom. Read More 

How To Cut The Fat Out Of Your Plumbing System

You might think that your garbage disposal is the quickest way of getting rid of fatty scraps and old cooking oil. However, pouring old cooking oil and poultry fat down the drain can wreak havoc with your plumbing system. The following illustrates the damage it could cause and what you can do to prevent fat and oil clogs from happening in the first place. What Fats and Grease Can Do to Your Pipes Read More