New Shower Upgrades: 4 Ways To Prevent Excess Water From Escaping The Shower Area

Excess water in any home can create all types of problems. It can cause mold growth, floor damage, and safety issues when slippery conditions are formed. If you're planning a new shower upgrade, it's important to consider how to best contain the water within a shower area. By choosing a custom shower enclosure, you can create a shower that keeps the moisture inside and prevents water from getting into other areas of the bathroom. Read More 

What Tools Will Your Plumber Use During A Sewer Cleaning?

If your home plumbing system is attached to a residential sewer line, then the wastes from your home will flow through this line. This pipe is typically a three inch wide one that is made out of PVC. The sewer line is angled down away from your home and it meets up with a much larger main sewer pipe at the street. The width and the angle of the sewer pipe helps to move wastes away from your home. Read More 

Fido And Fluffy Pull Rank: Pets Place High In Kitchen Design Trends, And How To Make It Work For Your Remodeling Project

Your family has grown. The kids are getting bigger, your social circle has widened, and at least one beloved pet is part of your vibrant lifestyle. To accommodate, you've decided this year's project is a full kitchen remodel. You want the space to be practical, but it needs to look great, too. So you check out the latest trends to see what colors, styles and materials are popular. The National Kitchen and Bath Association is one source of information about trends. Read More 

3 Ways To Make Your Driveway Unique

Most driveways you see are either gravel or paved. It's rare to see a driveway made out of another material. However, they are out there, and they look quite beautiful. These different types of materials include stamped concrete, natural stone, and brick. If you want more than a standard driveway, here are some unique driveway ideas using different building materials that you can consider. Stamped Concrete Stamped concrete is a material that can make your driveway look amazing. Read More 

Gas-Fired Water Heater: What Can You Do When It Makes Strange Noises

If your gas-fired water heater makes strange noises throughout the day and night, it is important to maintain the appliance now to improve its performance. Sometimes, water heaters build up with sediments that prevent water from flowing freely through their connecting lines. Your heater may make strange, unnatural sounds as the sediments break apart and bang around inside it. The burner may also clog up with soot that keeps the appliance from heating up properly, as well as create carbon monoxide in the house. Read More