Dealing With A Problematic Metal Garage Door

The last problem that a homeowner wants to deal with when in a rush to get to work is a malfunctioning garage door. For instance, it isn't uncommon for a garage door to stop opening and closing when least expected, especially if it is old. Depending on the specific type of material that a garage door is made of, several problems can arise that often requires the assistance of a professional to repair. Read More 

What To Expect From Your Local Roofing Company

You need to keep your roof in great condition. The best way to do this is to have your roof maintained and taken care of. This can be done by having your local roofer regularly check your roof for signs of leaks, loose seals, misshapen or missing shingles, dented panels, and other issues. There is a difference between a general contractor and a roofing specialist. A general contractor doesn't really specialize in anything but considers themselves skilled in a variety of construction and home repair needs. Read More 

Why You Should Have Sealcoating Applied To Your Parking Lot

Parking lots take a lot of abuse from all the cars and trucks rolling over them every day. Plus, they are usually in direct sunlight with very little shade, and since they're so wide, rain doesn't roll off of them as quickly as it rolls off a narrow driveway. All these things add up to your parking lot showing wear and tear before you know it. One way to keep your lot looking its best is to apply a sealcoat. Read More 

Renting Your House For The First Time? 4 Things To Do & Document Before Your Tenant Moves In

If you have decided to rent your house out to a tenant, there are a few important things you'll need to do to prepare the house. That way, the house can be documented to be in good working condition prior to handing over the keys to your new tenant. Here are four important things to do. Hire a Drain Cleaning Service Over time, a build up of grease, hair, noodles, and other things can accumulate in the drains. Read More 

Hardscape Will Make Your Xeriscape Garden ‘Xcel

If you live in a region of the country that experiences frequent droughts, it may be time to convert your yard into a xeriscape garden. This type of landscaping replaces thirsty lawns with drought-tolerant and eco-friendly plants, especially native ones. If done correctly, a xeriscape garden can even eliminate the need for supplemental watering beyond what Mother Nature chooses to provide. Unfortunately, some people cringe at the idea of converting their yards to xeriscape gardens, assuming that they will be dull and filled with unattractive cacti. Read More