Decisions To Make When You’re Planning A Custom Home Addition

A custom home addition could be the perfect solution for your growing family. You may have bought your home initially with the thought of moving later when your family was growing, but now you may love the location of your home. Adding another bedroom or a family room could be worth it so you can stay in a location you love. Here are some decisions to make regarding your home addition.

Decide If You'll Build Up Or Out

You may not have a lot of choice in how you approach your home addition since you'll have to comply with your city's regulations on where you can add on to your home. Adding another story might mean you could add more rooms, but if there are no other two-story homes in your neighborhood, you may not want a house that doesn't blend in if you ever put your home on the market.

Consider If You'll Need Plumbing In The Addition

Adding plumbing adds to the expense significantly. Building an addition for a kitchen or bathroom takes careful consideration. If you need another bathroom, the expense is worth it. If you need a larger kitchen, talk to your home builder about the cost of renovating your kitchen and adding a family room as opposed to building a new addition for the kitchen. You might be able to renovate your current kitchen by knocking down walls to make it bigger, but leave plumbing where it is.

If you build an addition that requires plumbing, consider how the plumbing can connect in the easiest and least expensive way. For instance, you may want the plumbing to back up to an inside wall where plumbing pipes and drains may already be located.

Decide How To Heat And Cool The Space

An addition will change the way heated and cooled air are distributed throughout your house. If your HVAC is old, you might want to install a new system at the same time that can handle the additional space. However, you might also opt for a ductless system for the addition. You might also want a separate tankless water heater for a bathroom or kitchen in the addition. This would allow you to have the services your addition needs without compromising the climate control or hot water in the rest of the house.

Consider The Electrical Demand

If you're only adding a bedroom or a family room, your current electrical panel might be able to take care of the extra demand for electricity. If you'll have a kitchen addition built or if you'll install a tankless water heater, you could need an upgrade to your electrical panel. Knowing the changes you'll need to your electrical system and plumbing in advance prepares you for the expense and can help you make decisions concerning how you want to proceed with your addition.