Propane Delivery Tips For Your First Winter With A Propane Furnace

If you have recently purchased a home with propane heat, you need to be prepared for handling propane deliveries properly, particularly throughout the winter. The winter season poses some unique challenges due to snowfall and unpredictable weather, so it's important that you understand how to not only ensure that you don't run out, but also that your propane tank is safely accessible for your delivery driver. Here are some tips to help you do both.

Watch the Forecast

Watching the weather forecast closely is especially important during the winter months because an upcoming storm can put a greater demand on your delivery company and potentially delay deliveries simply due to volume. The sooner you call for a delivery, the better, particularly when there's a potential storm coming.

Watch your ten-day weather forecast for signs of an upcoming storm. If there's the potential for bad weather, check your propane tank levels. If it's getting low, call right away to schedule a delivery. That way, you can have your tank filled before the storm hits and reduce the risk of running out before your propane company can get to you.

Mark Your Tank

Marking the propane tank location is essential in areas with heavy winter snowfalls. Not only does it make it easier for your delivery driver to find and fill the tank, but it also reduces the risk of you hitting the tank or its components when you're shoveling, plowing, or otherwise clearing snow. Make sure that whatever you choose to use as a marker is tall enough that it will sit above the standard expected snowfall in your area. It needs to be highly visible to be effective.

Keep It Clear

In order for your propane delivery contractor to access your tank and deliver propane for you, the tank needs to be accessible. Keep the area around the tank shoveled after a snowfall, and shovel a path from your driveway to the tank as well. That way, there's no concerns about accessibility and your tank can be easily filled when the driver arrives.

Some propane delivery companies have other expectations and requirements when it comes to propane deliveries throughout the winter season. Make sure that you talk with your propane service about any other tasks you'll need to complete to ensure that your tank is accessible, stays free of damage, and stays full when you need it this winter. The better prepared you are, the easier your first winter with a propane furnace will be.

For more information, contact a propane company