Are You Getting Your Backyard Ready For Summer?

Did you decide last year that you'd make landscaping changes in your backyard for spring and summer of 2019? Perhaps you realized that the planting part of your landscape looked really good and that you would duplicate that design. On the other hand, maybe you decided that your pool and your outdoor patio needed some serious attention. If that's the case, from arranging for pool repair services to making your patio look as nice as it once did, here are some ideas that might help you.

Pool Repair Services 

Are the pool repairs you want to address minor ones? For example, are there tiles that are missing? If so, do you want to replace the lost tiles with the same ones you used before, or do you want a totally new look for your pool? Perhaps this time you want to buy a more dramatic color of tile, maybe even a Mexican pattern. 

Does your pool need major repairs? For example, is the paint on the bottom of the pool peeling? Maybe you suspect that there is a leak in the pool. If the damage is extensive, it might be that a pool repair service like Heritage Pool Plastering, Inc. will need to totally drain your pool. It'll be worth it, though, when the pool looks gorgeous and it is back in great working shape.

The individuals who work on your pool repair will have the training and the experience to detect problems you didn't even know existed.

Patio Renovation 

Consider making a careful evaluation of what needs to be done to make your patio look nice again. For example, if the foundation is made of flagstones, have some of those stones broken or chipped? Maybe the grout between bricks is cracked. Or, it might be that the bricks themselves are unsightly.

No matter the materials, you might be thinking of giving your patio foundation a totally new look. If so, have you considered having faux painted concrete? Concrete will last for an extremely long time, and it is easy to maintain. In addition, you might find that it is more affordable than either bricks or flagstones. And, if you have the concrete faux painted, it can have the look of anything from wooden planks to gorgeous tiles. 

For example, if you chose Mexican tiles for your swimming pool, consider having the faux painters use the same design on the concrete.