How Long Will Your Restaurant’s New Roof Last?

A new roof for your restaurant is a sizeable investment. So, without a doubt, you have plenty of questions about the new installation, with the most important one being—how long will it last? There is no way to answer the problem with a definite answer, but certain factors can impact a roof's lifespan.

Exhaust Maintenance

If you don't make regular exhaust maintenance a priority for your restaurant, you should not expect your roof to last long. When you cook, a certain amount of oil and grease will make its way into the air particles inside the exhaust van and eventually end up collecting around the opening of the exhaust on the roof.

When the exhaust system is not routinely cleaned, large amounts of grease and oil settle around the fan and eventually start to roll on the roof, which can cause damage. However, more importantly, the grease buildup can increase the risk of a widespread fire in the event of a mishap. Make exhaust maintenance a priority to protect your roof. 


The condition of a roof has a lot to do with the environment in which it's located, which includes the landscaping around the roof. If there are many trees located around the roof, you might experience some issues when it comes to the longevity of the roof. 

During periods of heavy winds and snow, branches can break off and fall on the roof. Depending on just how much debris you have on the roof, the debris can trap water on your roof and lead to water damage. If you don't own the property around the building and can't remove the trees, schedule regular inspections to have the roof cleaned of any debris. 


The material used for the new installation is another important factor. While it's critical to minimize grease buildup on your roof, it's virtually impossible to assume that you won't ever have any grease collect on the roof. However, even a small amount of buildup is a big problem for certain roofing materials like asphalt, polyvinyl chloride, and ethylene propylene diene monomer. 

If you have any of these materials on your roof, your roof might experience a shorter than expected lifespan because the grease can break down these materials. Choosing a material like slate or tile or even metal might be the wiser option for your restaurant. 

Talk to a roofing contractor like those at Danny Odom & Son Roofing about any questions you have concerning the age of your roof. The contractor will be able to review the condition of your building, the type of roofing materials you'll use, and other factors to help you determine how long your roof will last, and most important, what you can do to make the roof last as long as possible.