2 Custom Mirror Ideas To Consider For Your Tiny Home

In recent years, there has been a dramatic rise in popularity for tiny homes. Tiny homes, most commonly built on trailers for portability, are being embraced for their compact size, small carbon footprint, and affordability. They're popular with retirees wishing to downsize, and with young people who are finding it increasingly difficult to get their foot onto the housing ladder.

If you're building a tiny home, then you are most likely putting a lot of time and thought into the clever and ingenious design techniques that make a tiny house functional and comfortable. One of the big challenges is fitting in everything you need without making the tiny house feel cramped and cluttered.

One of the ways that tiny house designers manage this challenge is by utilizing mirrors. Here are two custom mirror ideas that you might like to consider using in your tiny home.

1. Mirror-lined shelving

Storage is vital in tiny homes, and shelving is incorporated into every available space. This includes along walls, above door and window frames, and within staircases. As well as providing ample space to stow your belongings, shelving provides a great opportunity to add mirrors which will enhance natural light and create a feeling of spaciousness.

Custom mirrors that are fixed to the rear surface of shelving is a subtle yet effective way to utilize these properties. It will effectively double the visual space of the shelving, making your tiny home feel considerably larger than it really is.

2. Mirrored kitchen splashbacks

The kitchen of a tiny house is necessarily compact yet it's still expected to provide the full function of a regular kitchen. Concessions are made for the lack of space by choosing slimline fittings and appliances and with clever use of multi-function cabinetry and stowable, slide-out surfaces. However, even with these clever design techniques, a tiny house kitchen can feel less spacious than you might prefer.

Using a custom designed mirror as your kitchen splashback is an excellent way to bring more light and visual space into a small tiny home kitchen area. They'll help to reflect and magnify light, which is important when most tiny home kitchens are constructed beneath a loft space, which makes the space darker than the rest of the tiny home.

As well as looking good, a mirrored splashback needs to be safe and functional. Make sure that your custom mirror manufacturer knows that the mirror is being used in a kitchen environment. This way, they can use toughened glass which will be heat-resistant and won't crack if it's impacted with cooking utensils.