Reasons Every Homeowner Should Consider Cedar For Their New Roofing Shingles

If you're looking for a new roof and you've been considering cedar shingles, you might be wondering if they're worth the cost. At an average of $9,000 for a 1,200-square-foot shingle supply, it is definitely an investment. Before you make the decision or rule it out for the cost, you should understand what you can gain from this type of roofing installation.

Structural Consistency

Unlike some wood shingles that swell in humidity, cedar roofing shingles maintain consistent structure and dimension in humid weather. In addition, the wood doesn't suffer shrinkage, which means you don't end up with gaps in your roof. It's natural physical qualities allow for cedar shingles to form a straight, flat, secure roofing layer that isn't going to vary with the weather or the ambient temperature.

Strength And Durability

Cedar has long been known as one of the strongest, toughest woods on the market, and those traits are not lost in cedar roofing shingles. Your home's roof will get a boost to its structural integrity from a layer of cedar shingles, giving you more confidence in your home.

In addition, cedar wood contains natural elements that help protect it against many insects, ultraviolet damage, moisture problems, and the development of moss or fungus. If you're looking for a roof you can invest in and worry less about from a maintenance aspect, cedar shingles may be worth the cost.

Insulating Properties

Cedar wood has some inherent insulating properties, which makes it a great economical choice in comparison to some other types of roofing shingles. When you enhance the insulation on your roof with cedar shingles, you'll minimize the temperature transfer from outside. Not only does this mean your home will stay cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter, it could also help you to earn some return on your roofing investment.

After all, when your home's climate control system isn't as heavily taxed to compensate for the temperature transfer, you'll save on your home energy costs. Over time, that savings can significantly add up. This will gradually help to offset some of the initial investment in the roof installation, which can make it more worthwhile to spend the money up front. If you really want to enhance this benefit, ask your roofer about adding an extra layer of insulation while they're installing the roof.


Cedar roofing shingles are crafted from long cedar planks that are cut with uniform texture and straight grain lines. That gives you a consistent finish that's easy to work with for installation, and it's also great for any kind of finish. You can apply stain, finishing oil, paint, or any other finish that you think would suit your home. In fact, you can even order your cedar shingles pre-finished from the mill, where they can be stained or treated before they're shipped to you.

With such a versatile surface to work with, you can create a timeless finish on your home with ease. No matter what shade of finish you prefer, there are many options. And what makes cedar even better is that it will become even more elegant as it ages, transforming from its initial vibrant color to a silver-gray surface finish over time. This is the direct result of cedar aging, and it's caused by exposure to the elements.

Before you choose the roofing type you want for your home remodeling project, talk with roofing contractors from a company like Palmer Roofing about the possibility of cedar shingle investment. Now that you understand some of the reasons why cedar shingles are worthwhile, you can see why it's a wise decision to consider them in your remodeling plans.