Dangers Of Old Heater Tanks And When To Replace Them: 3 Tips To Help You Determine When The Water Heater Needs To Be Replaced

The water heater in your home is a mechanical system with many parts that break. Sometimes, problems with a water heater also create hazards for you and your family. It is important to routinely inspect your water heater for problems and replace it if needed. Here are some tips to help determine when it is time for a water heater replacement and when water heater repairs can be done:

1. Corrosion Caused by Sediments and The Maintenance to Prevent It

Corrosion of the water tank may cause it to need to be replaced sooner than expected. Over the years, an older water heater is going to have some corrosion, but sediments and lack of maintenance can make this problem worse. If your tank is severely corroded inside and out, then it is probably time to have it replaced. To prevent corrosion, occasionally drain the tank and sediments inside of it to reduce problems that sediments cause.

2. The Leaking Tank That Leads to Water Damage to Your Home

The water heater tank in your home may also leak, which can be caused by corrosion and problems with parts like the drain valve. The leak in your tank will cause water damage if it goes unnoticed for a long period. Make sure you occasionally inspect your tank for signs of leaks and other problems. If the leak is caused by corrosion inside the tank, you are going to need to have the entire water heater replaced. If the leak in the tank is caused by a plumbing fitting or valve, then replacing these parts may solve the problem without the need for replacement.

3. Older Water Heaters That Have Outlived Their Lifespan and Need Replacing

Water heaters are only designed to last for a certain amount of years, so tanks that are old may likely need to be replaced. Older tanks that are near ten years old have not only reached the end of their lifespan, but they are also far less efficient than the newer water heaters that are installed in homes today. If you constantly need repairs to your water heater and it is more than 5-years old, then it is probably time to have a new water heater installed in your home.

These tips will help you how to address problems with your water heater. Contact a plumbing professional to help with repairs and replacement of your water heater when something goes wrong.