Tips For Replacing Entry Doors

Replacing the entry door to your home can be an excellent chance for you to update the appearance of your home. As you are considering the various different door options that you can install, you should keep several considerations in mind so that you can choose the ideal entry doors for your home.

Opt For Entry Doors With Insulated Windows

It is common for entry doors to have glass windows on them so that you can easily see any guests approaching the door. Unfortunately, these windows can be a major source of energy inefficiency for entry doors. While this may not seem like a major issue, the heat loss or gain that can occur will be more than enough to cause these problems.

Some homeowners may assume that insulating the windows is not necessary if the door opens into an attached garage. Yet, the garage can still be substantially hotter or cooler than the rest of the house. Insulated glass windows will prevent these problems by limiting the amount of convective heating that can occur.

Consider Storm Resistant Doors

Strong storms can cause serious damage to a residential entry door. The wind from these storms can become strong enough to remove the door from the rest of the structure. Also, it can be possible for flying debris to damage or destroy the entry doors. Luckily, you can opt for storm resistant doors. These doors are often made of specially treated aluminum, iron, or other metals. Composite fiberglass may also be a suitable option for those that are wanting more variety when considering door styles.

Keep Spare Weatherstripping For Your Door

Weatherstripping is essential for stopping drafts and leak. Weatherstripping is essentially a highly durable plastic that will be placed in the gaps in the doors. These gaps can allow a surprisingly large amount of air from outdoors to enter the house, and the heating or air conditioning system will have to compensate for this. Furthermore, water can start to leak into the home from heavy storms if the weatherstripping is comprised.

Replacing the weatherstripping around your entry doors is a maintenance task that will only take a few minutes to do for each door. In most cases, weatherstripping will last for many years before there will be a need to replace it, but extreme weather can shorten this lifespan. Keeping spare weatherstripping in your home will allow you to easily replace the compromised weatherstripping when the time comes.

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