Two Tips To Help You Select The Perfect Dummy Keywords For Your Website

Creating a website is a great way for you to spread your reach and make more people aware of your products, services or brand.  No matter where you happen to be situated, a website gives you the ability to network with individuals that you would have never come across with only a brick-and-mortar facility.  However, having a web page is about more than simply letting the world know that you exist:  It can also be a moneymaker for you.  Ad revenue can become a wonderful way to bring in some extra cash.  When a person visits your page and clicks on an ad, you want to have keywords on the ad page which will redirect the visitor back to you.  Use this information to learn more about two tips that can help you select the perfect dummy keywords for your website.

Use Keywords That Keep Them In Remembrance

The first thing you should do when creating your dummy keywords is to strive to use terms that will remind the visitor about your brand.  You want to insert trigger words that will make them remember what they were initially looking for.

For example, if you own a cleaning business and happen to have totally unrelated ads on your page, you can use terms such as, "A sparkling house," or, "Clean and tidy."  This will immediately remind the patron that they were looking to find a housekeeping business that could whip their house into shape.  They can click on the keywords and immediately come back to your website so you can benefit from the ad revenue and a potential customer.

Images Can Also Be Used As Dummy Keywords

Another point to keep in mind is that dummy keywords don't always have to be actual words.  You can strategically insert images on the ad pages that will bring the visitor right back to you.

Using the example above in reference to having a cleaning business, you might want to insert images such as a feather duster, vacuum or even a house that is so clean that it literally glows.  The images alone could be sufficient enough to get the person to go back to your website.

Understand that dummy keywords are placeholders.  They are designed to keep web visitors from becoming lost in the maze that is the Internet.  The next time you need to create dummy keywords, keep these tips in mind so you can do it right.