Why Heat Your Flue Before A Fire?

If you are planning on putting on the fire tonight, chances are it's probably cold outside, which means that your flue is cold. When the flue is cold, you are going to have a smoky fire, which is definitely not as enjoyable. This is why you should heat your flue before putting on the fire. Here's what you need to know about doing this:

Specific Reasons Heating the Flue is Important:

As mentioned previously, when the flue is cold, it is going to create a lot of smoke, which prevents proper air flow. This is especially true since the cold air inside of the chimney is heavy, which prevents the smoke from billowing outside of the home by maneuvering through the chimney. Instead, the smoke is going to accumulate inside of your home making it much more likely that you are going to have a home that smells of smoke for at least a few days. This is not enjoyable for you or for your guests.

How You Heat the Flue:

Not many homeowners realize the importance of heating the flue, which is why many homeowners also don't even know how to go about it. To do this, you want to open the damper all the way. From here, there are two ways to heat the flue. The first way would be to roll up newspapers and light the ends, then stick as high up the chimney as possible to warm up the flue. However, this option is slightly dangerous, but it's the most energy efficient, so it should only be done if you are comfortable. The other option would be to simply leave the damper open for 30 minutes so that the warm air in the home can push out the cold in the chimney. This is not as energy efficient, but it is safer. 

When you do this, you should notice that your fire is not as smoky. However, if you still have a smoky fire, there is probably another problem that needs to be addressed, which is usually an obstruction in the chimney. At this point, it's best to call in professional chimney repair for inspection. From here, they can fix the problem so you no longer experience smoky fires. This is going to make having a fire in your home much more enjoyable and worth it to keep your family warm and comfortable this winter season. Click here for more info on taking care of your chimney flue.