The Scoop On Dirt: How To Solve 7 Common Problems In Your Backyard

As a homeowner, you need to solve problems quickly and efficiently, lest they pile up around you so fast, you become totally overwhelmed. Particularly in the yard, there's always a lot of work to be done and this is where it gets really dirty: Soil issues can cause floods indoors and out, ruin your foundation, spoil a garden, and otherwise make your life miserable.

Dirt fill is economical, versatile, and easy to use; and it can solve a number of problems you may be facing in the backyard:

1. Holes In The Grass

You work tirelessly to create a sprawling, perfect lawn, but all kinds of critters are set on destroying it, leaving unsightly holes in their gnawing, clawing wake. Because fill dirt doesn't contain organic matter, it won't break down once you fill the holes. Level the area compactly and your lawn can be restored. Finding a way to keep the animals out is challenging, but at least you'll have a quick fix to the holes they create.

2. A Failing Retaining Wall

Retaining walls help to keep everything in place in your yard, but time and nature can cause them to fail. Raising the ground level at the lower end of your retaining wall can be a more effective way of keeping the soil in place, rather than having to constantly reinforce the wall tier. Use the fill to even out the slopes, giving you a smooth, workable area with less effort and expense required for maintenance.

3. Insufficient Parking Spaces

Whether you have a child who's just been granted their driving license or never really had enough room to park, laying a more expansive driveway is a simple task when you use dirt fill as your base; it holds under the weight and won't wash away from beneath the asphalt, stones, or other material you choose as the driveway surface.

4. Flat Gardening Areas

If you're wanting to install a garden bed on your property, raise the area first with fill. Raising helps with drainage, keeping unwanted pests away and even stopping weeds from crawling up into your plants. Simply lay down an area of fill and press it down with a shovel or roller to keep it strong and compact. Thereafter, you can build boxes to contain your garden or an attractive rock formation around it.

5. Water Coming In The Basement

When the slope in your yard leans in toward the house or if the ground tends to be level, this may cause drainage from rain and snow to seep into your basement. If this is happening, your problems are two-fold, considering the damage going on indoors with mold, in addition to the landscaping challenge. The fill should be used to build a slope with an incline away from the home, leaving water to drain elsewhere.

6. Lawn Puddles And Other Water Woes

If the water isn't draining adequately throughout the property, you're going to be left with puddles, barren areas of grass, tree roots with soil washed away, veins of mud all over whenever it rains, and even excessive splashing near the home, leaving windows and siding spattered with mud. An ugly mess all around but remedied by fill. Cover the puddles and bald grass areas with fill; retain more soil by planting shrubs and other greenery, and add mulch around the structure of the house on top of the fill, to create a nutrient-rich growth environment. 

7. Compacted Soil

When your soil becomes compacted, there's no space for air and all nourishment is choked out, making growth difficult to impossible. Compaction occurs over time and because there aren't any air or water pockets, everything in the affected area is likely to wither away. This situation can be resolved with tilling, adding fill, compost, peat and finally, combining with a healthy topsoil. Although a major project, particularly if you have a large yard, undoing the damage of compacted soil is necessary to restore growth and appearances.

With your to-do list growing longer by the day, it's good to know you have simple solutions to your common backyard problems. Fill dirt is so handy, you can even use it to clean your tools when the day is done; simply mix a little oil with it in a bucket and voila, messes disappear. If only solving all your homeowner problems were so easy!

For more information, contact a landscaping company like Southern Landscape Materials.