Multiple Burglaries In Your Neighborhood? Protect Your Garage Now

If you live in a neighborhood that recently experienced a rash of burglaries involving garage doors, you may wonder if your garage is next. Even if your garage door opener, side door and windows seem secure, they may actually not be as safe as you think. Thieves can target your home by physically and remotely stealing your garage door opener and its codes. The side door might not be secure if it lacks a good locking system or stability. If the windows lack sufficient coverage, such as curtains or blinds, burglars can use it to look for reasons to enter the garage. Here are things to know about garage thieves and what you can do to deter or stop them.

How Do Thieves Break Into Your Garage?

In recent years, thieves have used garage doors and their openers to invade the homes of residents all over the United States. Some sources report that it only takes about six seconds for thieves to break into a garage. The criminals use wire coat hangers to open garage doors by manipulating their emergency release levers. Once they open the door, the individuals steal the items inside the garage and home.

Burglars can also steal garage door openers from the locked and unlocked vehicles of homeowners, or they can use handmade remote devices called grabbers to intercept and store the codes produced by openers when homeowners used them. Even if you use a rolling code system for your opener, it still may not be enough to protect your privacy. A number of hackers use devices that jam, intercept and steal multiple opener codes from afar. 

In order to avoid the problems above, you must take action and secure your garage now.

How Do You Secure Your Garage?

Although it may seem cheaper and easier to purchase an opener online or from your local retail store, it may not be in your best interest to do to so. Many of the products lack the security features you need to block or deny the signals produced by hackers. Advanced openers produce codes you can only use once. So, even if a thief manages to intercept and store a code, they can't return later and use it. The advanced system won't recognize or accept it.

Also, ask a garage door specialist about installing a new locking system on the door, such as deadbolt or a similar hard-to-open lock. But be wary of door locks that rely on electronic codes to work. If these types of locks don't have have the capabilities to block or deny the devices of hackers, they may not work as well as you want. Be sure to discuss a good locking system with the contractor.

After you obtain a new opening system, take steps to secure the garage's side door and windows. If you haven't done so already, check the interior and exterior of the garage for problems that make it vulnerable to burglary. You want to trim or remove any plants, shrubs and tree branches that block or cover up the windows and side doors to your garage. Thieves may take advantage of these problems to enter your garage, or they may use them as hiding places when they steal your opener's codes.

Also, install a good locking system on the door and blinds on the windows to deter theft. If your garage door has windows on it, place dark tint over the glass to keep thieves from looking inside the garage. Some garage door specialists offer window tinting services, so it's a good idea that you ask your contractor if they do as well.

For more details about protecting your garage and its accessories and entrances from theft, contact a garage door company, such as American Eagle Garage Door Services, today.