Summer School Vacation: 4 Ways To Protect Your Child From Mosquito Virus Exposure

As your children are released from school for the summer, it likely means that they will be spending more days outdoors and enjoying nature. One of the main concerns on many parents' minds is mosquito viruses. Mosquitoes can transmit all types of diseases including the Zika virus and the West Nile virus. Instead of limiting the time your child spends outside, there are multiple ways to help prevent mosquitoes from coming around your home. By implementing the following four methods, you and your children can stay protected all throughout summer vacation. Not only will these methods help prevent viruses, but they can prevent the presence of mosquitoes in general.

Clothing Treatments

The clothing that your child wears during the summer can make a huge difference on the presence of mosquitoes. While long sleeves and pants are recommended to prevent bites, they are not the most logical clothing option during hot summer days. When your child wears play clothes during the summer, you can help treat these clothes by using a pesticide known as permethrin. Permethrin has no impact on humans, allowing you to safely apply it to a child's clothes. The best method for doing this is by hanging your child's clothes on hangers and spraying both sides with a liquid form of the pesticide. This application will last for up to six wash cycles before a new application is needed. It can prevent mosquitoes from flying around your children and biting them. The substance can be find at many hiking stores or outdoor sections of larger retailers.

Window and Door Screen Repair

During the summer months, it's only natural for children to come roaming in and out of the house. If you have a screen door, then it's important to have a fully protective screen that can prevent mosquitoes from coming inside as the door is used on a daily basis. A mobile screen repair company like Roys Screen Service can come to your home to seal up any screens you have. This will prevent mosquitoes from easily entering the home and becoming a problem while you are indoors. The screen repairs will look seamless, and repairs can be completed on holes, gaps, or screens that have been ripped from the frame. It's also a good idea to have window screens repaired as well. This can help prevent mosquitoes from flying inside the window areas.

Standing Water Areas

As your child plays in the yard during the summer, they may be in or around areas that are highly attractive to mosquitoes. Mosquitoes are attracted to standing water areas and often use these areas to lay eggs. When the eggs hatch, your child could be exposed to hundreds of mosquitoes that can easily bite or spread disease. By doing a full inspection of your yard, you can help eliminate a lot of these areas and help prevent mosquitoes from breeding on your property. It's a good idea to remove any empty flower pots or vases where water can collect. Also look for small areas where water forms large puddles after a storm. Leveling out these areas and creating a proper drainage system can help deter mosquitoes from your property. After a rainstorm, you should remove any standing water areas to help your property dry out faster and help keep mosquitoes away.

Air Conditioning

Mosquitoes are attracted to warm and humid locations. On days when your child is indoors, you can prevent mosquitoes from trying to come in by using air conditioning. An air conditioner will lower the temperature and humidity within a room. This can make a huge difference on the appearance of mosquitoes in your home. When using an air conditioner, you're also closing up windows and doors, preventing the insects from flying inside the home. Using air conditioners at night is also ideal so your child isn't getting bit by mosquitoes while they sleep.

By setting up a proper plan, you can prevent a majority of mosquito bites and ensure that you child has a great summer.