Automotive Dent Repair - Two Types Of Drawn Arc Stud Welding Guns To Consider

Stud welding guns are tools that a confident homeowner can use for construction purposes, and the devices can be used as well to remove both small and large dents from the body of a vehicle. If you want to try your hand at dent removal, then you may need to decide between the use an arc and CD stud welding gun. Drawn arc welding guns are often chosen. However, there are actually a few different kinds of drawn arc welding guns that can be purchased and used. To learn about gun varieties that do and do not use gas and how they can be beneficial to your dent removal project, keep reading.

Without Gas

Drawn arc stud welding guns that do not use gas are the most common. These guns utilize a ceramic tip called a ferrule to help form the weld. The stud that you want to attach to the car body is placed into the open tip of the welding gun. When you place the stud against the steel body and pull the trigger, the ceramic ferrule lowers and presses against the metal too. There will be a small space between the ferrule and the stud. An electrical arc is formed between the stud and the car, and the tip of the stud starts to melt. The liquid metal fills the space between the ferrule and the stud. The result is a small and uniform weld.

The resulting weld is ideal when you want to release the dent from a car, because the weld is small. This means that the weld can be removed fairly easily when you are done with the dent removal process. You simply need to cut the studs away and sand the welds down.

If you do decide to use a drawn arc welding gun without gas, then you should know that ceramic ferrules are disposable or replaceable items. The ceramic tips are absolutely necessary to keep the metal contained to one area. The ferrules do provide other benefits, like keeping the weld area small so that the flux on the end of the stud can clean the metal and allow the weld to stick properly. This means that you should replace the ferrules when they start to appear worn. The ceramic will typically crack when the tip is worn out, so make sure to replace it when this type of damage is noted. 

With Gas

A gas drawn arc stud welding gun is another type of tool you can use. These types of guns work in a similar manner as the basic electric drawn arc varieties. Instead of using a ferrule to physically retain the weld, gas is used instead. An inert gas, like argon or helium is used, and the gas creates a shield around the stud. The stud is first placed against the steel body of the vehicle. When the trigger is pulled, the stud is lifted a small amount off the steel surface. The gas is released from the tip of the gun to surround the stud. Electricity is passed through the stud to create an electrical arc, and the metal starts to melt. The stud is forced into the metal once a pool of molten material is created. 

The main difference between the drawn arc stud welding gun that uses shielding gas and the one that does not is the fact that a ferrule is not necessary to use the gun. However, some guns do utilize ferrules, and others will have something called a spark shield. This shield or ferrule will help to shield you from the arc and weld for safety reasons. 

Typically, the gas arc gun will drive the stud into the molten metal and shut off on its own once the stud is secured. This means that it is difficult to overheat the stud or create a wide and deep weld without realizing it. In fact, gas arc welding is often used in facilities that have automated machinery, since it is difficult to mess up the weld. If you are not very confident about your welding skills, then the gas drawn arc welding tool may be a better option over one that does not use gas. 

Keep in mind that you will need to invest in a gas tank for the welding gun. You can purchase a small portable tank for the tool. This is the most economical solution, especially if you are not going to use much gas for the dent removal project.

For more information about your options and which might suit you best, contact a local welding gun supplier like Northland Fastening Systems.