Say “Oui, Oui” To A French-Themed Bedroom With These 3 Terrific Tips

When it comes to decorating your home, you should not overlook the importance of decorating your bedroom. Think of your bedroom as a retreat. It is the place where you go to get some much needed rest and relaxation, which means the room should suit your tastes adequately. If you opt to relax in a French-themed bedroom, there are some tips that can ensure a pleasant decorating experience.

Pay Attention to Furniture

Everything from your choice of colors to the furniture you choose can either make or break your French-themed bedroom. For instance, opting for standard wooden or metal bedframe does not exactly cry Parisian retreat. Instead, considering choosing furniture with classic French country elements. For instance, keep in mind that during the Medieval and Renaissance periods, French furniture featured deep, ornate carvings. Therefore, it is best to opt for furniture with similar features.

Of course, if you really want to ensure you have that je ne sais quoi to your room, make sure it features a bombe chest. The bombe chest, which is also frequently known as a Bombay chest, first appeared during the early 18th century in France. The chest featured elaborately curved lines and an outward bowing that indicated the superb skills of their builders. In other words, no French-themed room is complete without one of these chests.

Update Architectural Features

Go above and beyond standard décor by making sure you update the architectural features of your room. For instance, if it is at all possible, try to incorporate a nice crown molding for an added wow effect. If you would like to keep things artistic and traditional, opt for elaborate and frilly molding similar to what was found during the Victorian and Edwardian eras. If you would like something a bit more modern, opt for straight edges or minimal curves.

Most importantly, if you are going to have a French-themed bedroom, do not forget about the importance of adding a set of French doors leading into the room. While this might seem like an expensive addition, it is well worth the price tag. French doors add a sense of charm and tradition to the scene. They can also make your room feel more open and inviting. Keep in mind that you can customize the color of your French doors to better suit your tastes, desires, and design preferences.

Choose Colors Wisely

Not just any color palate will work in a French-themed room. Rather, you have to choose your colors wisely. Take into consideration that, historically speaking, the color palette in France was dependent upon the region. For instance, colors primarily used in the cooler northern region were often paler than those used in the warmer southern region. In the northern region, soft, milky colors were more popular, whereas terracotta reds and pale violet colors were preferred in the southern region.

If you plan on keeping things traditional, it is best to stick with the color palette most notably used by the French. However, if you would like to put a chic and modern twist on your elegant French-themed bedroom, try incorporating some bolder colors into the mix. One way to do this would be to replace pale pink colors with hot pink colors instead. You could also opt for a bolder, deeper purple rather than the pale or musty purple color that is popular among the French.

In truth, your design options are endless. From furniture selections to color choices, you can create a bedroom that is so elaborately themed, you will feel as if you stepped of a jet in the heart of Paris. Make sure you speak to a professional before you make any architectural changes to your room, particularly if you plan on incorporating a wider door such as a French door. Such an architectural change is best left up to experts that are familiar with the sale and installation of such doors.