Shared Bathrooms: 4 Accessories Ideal for Germaphobes

One of the more common areas to find harmful germs in the home is the bathroom. If you share a bathroom with other people, then you may worry about the spreading of germs and ensuring that communal items are kept clean. As a germaphobe, you can stay proactive with the bathroom in your home. By implementing a variety of upgrades, you can eliminate your contact with germs and encourage a cleaner environment for anyone that uses the bathroom on a daily basis. The following four upgrades can be installed in all types of bathrooms and help you feel clean when showering, using the toilet, or doing other tasks.

1. Touchless Toilet Flushers

Many public bathrooms have implemented touchless toilet flushing technology to prevent the spreading of germs in public. That same technology can also be purchased for the home bathroom. A contractor can install a touchless toilet flusher to your current toilet. The sensor would feed out through the top of the tank and rest there. Once you are done going to the bathroom, you can simply wave your hand over the sensor to start the automatic flushing process. This is a great way to quickly flush without having to make extra contact with the toilet itself.

2. Automatic Dispensers

Instead of having to grab, move, or access containers on a bathroom counter, you can replace a majority of them with automatic dispensers instead. These dispensers will give you small amounts of various bathroom products. For example, instead of hand pumping soap for washing your hands, you can purchase an automatic soap dispenser. With a wave of your hand, the dispenser will distribute a small amount of soap so you can wash your hands without making contact with anything. A contractor can also install a sink with automatic sensors to activate the water. Toothpaste dispensers allow you to add toothpaste to your brush without having to lift a tube or squeeze it. The dispensing technology can also help you use a majority of the toothpaste from the tube. With enough of these types of dispensers installed, you can get through your morning or evening routine without having to touch too many items.

3. Automatic Shower Cleaners

The shower is a common place for germs, bacteria, and fungi. Instead of feeling like you're stepping into a cesspool of germs, you can clean out the shower area before you bathe. An automatic shower cleaner can clean the whole shower with a push of a button. The cleaner typically hangs from the shower head and will squirt out a cleaning solution. Once the solution has soaked in, you can turn on the shower for a few seconds to rinse the cleaning product off and ensure that you have a clean bathing environment. These cleaners can be used as often as needed and will help you feel more comfortable while showering.

4. Built-In Shower Cabinets

As a germaphobe, you likely do not want to share soap, shampoo, or washcloths with other people living in the home. You can keep all of your shower items separate with the installation of built-in shower cabinets. Contractors can upgrade your shower area to include shelving units that are built into the walls. By installing multiple cabinets, you can have your own place to keep all of your showering items. You also have the option of installing a small cabinet door with a lock. This allows you to store soap and other items without worrying about other people using them. Each time you shower, you will have easy access to the area and can get cleaned with as much comfort as possible.

Planning out all of these different steps for your home bathroom will make it a lot easier to manage your routines on a daily basis. You will feel less stress knowing that the bathroom is clean and easy to use. Work with a company like Central Plumbing Specialties for help installing the accessories.