Remodeling Your Kitchen With Your Dog In Mind

If you're a dog person and have decided its time for kitchen remodel, there are a few custom kitchen designs that can make your pet lifestyle cleaner and easier that ever. Talk to your remodeling contractor about implementing some of these designs into your new cabinets and other kitchen features. 

1. The cabinet bed.

Instead of having a dog bed take up floor space in the kitchen, make an indoor haven for your dog by replacing the space that would have been used for a base cabinet and installing the dog bed there under the counter instead. You can put both doors and a screen in front of the bed, so that your dog can watch you while you're working in the kitchen, but you'll also be able to cover up the cabinet space with doors when your dog's not using it-- making it look like just another cabinet in the kitchen.

2. A pull-out drawer for food and water. 

Have you ever tripped over your dog's water dish or had a toddler constantly spread kibble all over the house? This problem is easily solved by having a custom drawer built, usually where the toe-kick would be placed on a cabinet. You can pull the drawer out for feeding time and push it back in when your dog is finished eating his meal. Of course, if you decide to give water this way, you'll need to remember to pull it out frequently during the day so that your dog does not get dehydrated.

3. Built-in gates. 

If you would like to keep puppies out from under your feet while you are making Thanksgiving dinner, built in gates can be a great kitchen design. Some gates can slide out of the cabinets, or be hinged onto the sides of cabinets, folding away when not in use, but blocking dogs from entering your workspace when needed. These gates are especially helpful in houses with open concept designs, as gating off the entire kitchen as a room may not be a possibility. 

4. Pull-out cabinets for dog food.

If you're tired of dealing with messy bags of food or having to walk to the garage or storage cupboard for a cup of kibble, consider adding a base cabinet to hold dog food. These cabinets are often made to hold a trash can, but instead of trash, your cabinet can hold food. The only downside to this idea is that it may be difficult to seal dry dog food-- if you worry about certain types of bugs that like to feast on kibble, you will need to install a lid with your pull-out dog food bin. 

5. A medium-colored floor.

You might dream of dramatic dark tiles or lovely natural pine floors, but both of these colors are not ideal for dog owners. If you want your kitchen to make a statement, the floor is not the best vehicle if you are pet family. Instead, choose floors that have medium tones-- for hardwoods, choose a stain that is neither dark nor light, and for tiles, choose grays or tans. Light and dark floors both show dirt and scratches from dog claws too easily. They will look nice at first, but will be difficult to keep clean in the end, ultimately decreasing the beauty of your gorgeous new kitchen. To bring some "wow factor" to your renovation, make a statement with the cabinet colors, design, or backsplash choice. 

Renovating your kitchen with your dog in mind can help bring many great conveniences to your home. Talk to a remodeling contractor for more ideas about how you can customize your house for your needs.